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Shiro The Cat Hits 12 Today!

The zen master cat, Shiro, a white Turkish Van that currently resides in Japan will reached 12 years of age today. You will popularly see him dozing off in front of the camera while...

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Cute Cuddly Cats in Tashirojima

Today is not caturday but someone in 2ch had shared some lovely photos of the cats that resides in Tashirojima, some knows it as cat island while other know it as Manga Island. These...

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Tashirojima: An Island Rule By Cats

Tashiro-jima (田代島) is popularly known as Cat Island (^・ω・^) or Manga Island. It is located near Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture with a population less then 100 people and 50% of them are over 65...

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Attack on Titan Cosplay Shorts [Japanese]

Fan made shorts coming from either popular animation and games have become a staple in Youtube. One of the reason why is the cost of production is getting more affordable each year. As audience,...

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A Day with Hatsune Miku

Vice Japan, a subsidiary of Vice Media that covers arts, cultures and news have released a new mini documentary that focuses on the popular virtual pop icon, Hatsune Miku. Gonta is the guy whom...

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Here comes spring, now the flower blooms

Lately there’s been a boom in popularity of a Japanese card game different from the typical ones we see in TV and tournaments. Along with this season’s new animes, we anime fans are still...