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SnK Subaru Commercial 0

Attack On Titan Subaru Commercial

Due to the popularity of the Manga turned Anime and now the nation hottest anime icon have been working with Subaru to do a commercial. The vehicle in question is Subaru Forester and the real commercial...

Nisekoi 0

Best Pick Anime Title This Winter Season

Good bye to 2013 and hello 2014! A new year for a new batch of anime being churn out from animation studios. This time around there are a lots of title I found interesting...

OutBreak-Company 0

This Fall is Going to Be Exciting!

I’m getting riled up by the prospect of what this season can bring and as the charts have given a glimpse with so many seemingly nice anime airing soon. It would be hard to...

Attack-On-Titan-Ep5 4

The Twist in Episode 5 of Attack On Titan

Eagerly waiting for one of the best this season have to offer, Attack On Titan is really a remarkable anime to behold. Subs are scheduled to be released on every Sunday and I’m surprise...

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Here comes spring, now the flower blooms

Lately there’s been a boom in popularity of a Japanese card game different from the typical ones we see in TV and tournaments. Along with this season’s new animes, we anime fans are still...