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I will attempt to write up an introduction on how you can apply for PTPTN loan when you are in your college/university. Of course, all of these are based on my own personal experiences on the subject. I’m hoping to provide some useful information to those who are seeking on how the whole process works from the start till the end.

Some background information about me before I start it off. I’m studying in Advance Diploma (AD) cum Degree in Internet Technology at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Main Campus. If you are currently studying there or planned to study there then this will be gold to you. I didn’t borrowed any loans nor PTPTN while I’m still a Diploma student but it dawns on me that I should apply for PTPTN on my AD to lighten the burden. Due to this there will be some missing steps if you have been borrowing from Diploma to Advance Diploma.

Even when you are good enough or well off you can have a knack at it and try borrowing the loan. You can definitely use it as your daily allowance rather than paying tuition fees. Some even suggest to borrow the whole sum and put them in fixed deposit to let it grow. To how much, I don’t know but it’s an alternative.

Here goes…

In my college, there are only 3 semesters a year. A short one that starts early in the year and another two long ones that usually starts at May/June and Sept. From what I understand the Student Affair Department (SAD) will post up notification on the time period that you should apply for it. It usually open in the starts of each semester. Be advised. Different institute will have their own time period to open for PTPTN applicant to apply. So, pay attention of the date that is pinned up on the notification that the PTPTN officer advertised in your own respective institute. There’re 5 piece of information you should look out for.

  • Start Date (When you should go online to apply)
  • Closing Date (When the online application is closed)
  • Approval Date (Check whether your application have been approved)
  • Submission of Agreement (Submit all the required documents)
  • Pay Day (You get your $ ka-ching $)

Before applying

Note the dates down and plan as you go to prepare your documents. It’s best you prepare your supporting documents before the PTPTN even open for admission to avoid the crowd and you will have less worries when the times come for you to submit your documentations. You will need to open a bank account that your institute assigned (It’s Public Bank for Tarcian) and an account on SSPN (Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional). For the SSPN account you’ll need at least a minimum of RM 20 to open it and there’re a myriad of benefits as advertised on their website accompanying the account. You can get additional information on how to open an SSPN in the official PTPTN site.

Before the start date commence it’s best that you get the PTPTN Pin that you will required when applying the loan online via its PTPTN Gateway. You can get the Pin easily from Bank Simpanan National (BSN) in around the country. Just drop by to their website to check out where is the nearest branch.


When the Approval Date is out

After a few days of the approval date your institute will post up a long list of name indicating who should go for which day to submit your documents. For me, TARC sliced it up for three days so each day they put nearly up to 700 people in the list to which I’ve landed on the second.


When Submission of Agreement Comes

These are the supporting documents I submitted at the time I applied for the loan.

  • A set of online PTPTN application documents (printed with 80GSM paper)
  • A copy of NRIC (Identity Card)
  • A copy of SPM Cert.
  • A copy of the instituate Offer letter
  • A copy of saving account book
  • A copy of diploma transcript
  • A copy of parent salary slip
  • A copy of SSPN receipt

Note: Some of the requirements above will changed based on the information you filled in your online application form. So, ask your PTPTN Officer for help if you have questions.

On the day of submission of your loan agreement together with your supporting documents, I think it’s best to go as early as possible to your campus to hand them in as I have. The faster you can get it done the better in my book. There are no guarantee you will be the first to submit even you come early; some may even come earlier than you especially for those who live near campus.

I came at 8 AM in the morning and the PTPTN staffs only starts at 8.30 AM. Do you know what’s number I got? No. 196! There are already 200 students in front of me. And it took me around 3 hours to finish from lining up to finally submitting the prepared documents to the PTPTN personnel that was serving me.

If you are seeking a less crowded line then it’s best you go for the late afternoon session to avoid the massive crowd as my friend have found out.


The Pay Day


After all that is done now you will need to wait for the money to be deposited into your account (Public Bank for Tarcian). It will be roughly around 2 weeks after the submission of all your related PTPTN loan documents.

All the information presented on this article is correct by the time of its posting. If in doubt please visit the official PTPTN website for further information.

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