Hakaze Kusaribe cosplay by Lei Sakuragi


Lei Sakuragi is playing out a scene in Blast of Tempest or some have known as just Tempest in short. A scene where the princess of the Kusaribe Clan stranded on a deserted island void of any technological advancement thus rendering her helpless to even consider to escape. The wording might sound a bit weird earlier but you will understand once you started to watch the anime which is still airing as it was set to air for 24 episodes in total.

In its current standing the show are reaching it 15th episodes and still going great! It’s simply one of my favorite shows on Friday for these passing months. Most of it is because of the sudden plot twists, the unsolved crime and the monologues of the characters in important turning point of events. It warrant a place in your watch-list if you’re still finding something to watch this season.

Albeit the cosplay is simple with pieces of clothes and doesn’t need much in detailing of the costume but she did it quite awesomely. Don’t cha think?

Photo credit: Unknown

Photo source: Devilanni

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