CosplayGen #5 Mini Review


Just a few days ago, I’ve finished the cosplay magazine that was wonderfully produced by a small team of dedicated cosplay enthusiast from Romania, Europe. I love their works and what they are doing to promo this pop culture all around the world with their magazine. For me, I’m not a cosplayer nor a photographer (yet) but am excited about what happening inside the scene and staring in awe of how people are able to create magnificent costume with their own bare hands.

Miyo from South Korea is the cover girl in this issue and you will soon understand why. She’s like all cosplayers who loves to do what she does and does it often whenever she’s free. You see, she did a 132 cosplay shoot in 2011 alone and thankfully most of those shoot occurred in the weekends while handling a day job plus a part time job. It’s awesome how she manages her time and schedules while juggling so many things. Her works are definitely impressive as you can see it from her DeviantArt account. I’m gonna cheer for her as long as her produces awesome cosplays XD


What’s interesting is that NealBomBad from USA taking 3D printing and cosplay into another level. What do I mean? Well, he printed a whole set of Cecil’s Dark Knight body suit from Final Fantasy out of ABS plastic.  The result is quite satisfying as he showcases his armor in cons. Making Master Chief, Dead Space or any armour intensive characters would be easy as one’s only need to mastered using a 3D modelling tools and some capital to start with can make an awesome suit. Maybe in the near future this will be adopted rapidly in the cosplay/prop community as 3D printing technology price falls.


The magazine covers topic like cross-dressing, protrait photography, vocaloid cosplay, DIY’s and a whole lots of awesome contents as you can see it in their online preview page. I have a good time reading it and found out a lots of awesome cosplayers in the same time. This would mean that I will have more cosplay sets up here in the future. = ̄ω ̄=  I would recommend you to purchase the latest copy from their site here.


See you later!~

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