Breast Squeeze As a Charity Event in Japan!

I thought I have seen it all but apparently that’s not the case as last weekends there’s an event in Shinjuku, Tokyo called “Erotica will save the world“. It’s a fundraising event for STOP!AIDS, a charity event aimed at promoting the awareness, treatment, and prevention of AIDS.

Breast Fundraiser was among one of the most popular attraction for the past two days and they even have a masturbation event? Okay… So, there’re 10 volunteers for you to choose from after you have donated and waiting in line for your turn to touch some boobs! However, you must pass through the four steps below before even getting close to one.

1. You must be over 18
2. Donate money of any amount but preferable over 1000 ¥
3. Sterilize your hands
4. Squeeze breasts (up to two squeezes per hand)

There are more instructions and details you can find out on their page regarding about the breast-squeeze. If you aren’t satisfy yet and wanted from go from step 1 to 4 again. I’m sure a lots of lonely guys would love to line up for this special fundraiser even myself included. You know, it’s rare to even see such method of fundraising especially when you live in Malaysia. Instead you would  get jail time before you even touch them XD

Hoping that you were there right?

There are no nudity in the promotional video below :(

Just when you thought you’ve know it all about Japan something new come out. On the other hand, it does beg the question of when is the next charity of this breast fundraising gonna be held? Maybe next year perhaps?

Via: RocketNew24

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