What Did I Just Watched? AKB0048 is …

AKB0048 is definitely something as the creator is trying to cross blend different genres together. On the first episode itself you can immediately know genres like pop idol, dystopian society, mecha, musical and lastly some science fiction added into the mix. I’m no fans of AKB48’s but I know that they are the most successful girl group in Japan and ventures into different media before joining the anime bandwagon.

My reaction when the anime is 10 minutes into the show. Then, you will see idols fighting law enforcement on all fronts.

15 minutes into the show.

I was trying hard to suspend my disbelief before episode 1 even ended but I’m sorry that I can’t. It feels a lots like I was being trolled by the creator. Questions kept popping out on why would society degrade itself into such level or why entertainment is banned? More Q’s than A’s.

Then, I realized. Oh yea, this is Japan we are talking about. Weird always equals to awesome in most cases but I’m not betting on this one.

Give this a try to get what I mean.

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