Vocaloid: SeeU Cosplay By Electric Lady


The cosplay looks superb! Onto the character, those of you who are not in the loop of the ever popular Vocaloid. SeeU, the character that Electric Lady is currently cosplaying is a new character introduced in Vocaloid3. She is the first voicebank that is capable of producing Korean or Japanese voice which is a new front for the software company behind Vocaloid.


The very first video on her debut

The cosplay is done quite nicely by Electric Lady but I still like the SeeU version from Tomia.

Software: Vocaloid

Character: SeeU

Role: Virtual idol

Cosplayer: Electric Lady (or Kara)

Oh! Why am I even bothering to explain when you are here to check out some hot chick in costume. ≖‿≖

Source: Electric Lady

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