Japan is Currently Building Real Mecha


Is the reality of Binary Domain coming to life? or is it Japanese just being Japanese? Either way, it sounds promising to know that Suidobashi Heavy Industry is building a 4 meter high and 3 meter wide human controllable robot either via a 3G connection or you navigate in the cockpit. Sounds like a dream come true to me. A step forward to realizing the dreams of all sci-fi fans. Gundam anyone?

The company itself is planning to mass-produce this big boy toy nicknamed SDBX-01 Vaudeville. However, the one you are looking is the prototype that they call KURATAS which is the works of Kogoro Kurata. Mr. Kogoro is a modern day ironsmith in Japan who have a morbid twist to his works as his fans would says. Moreover, this is not his first time in creating a mecha. As a matter of fact, the first one was called ScopeDog from the 80’s anime Votoms. So, in the near future you can actually order this mecha online because this is targeted for the consumer market.

Yea, the mecha is built with a weapon system in mind too. Nothing harmful. Just look below for the video. Fun would be the proper word but if it reached the hand of Tony Stark, the guy who plays Iron Man in Avengers then it will be fully upgraded xD It will be havoc!

So, what can it do? Well, it’s still a bit sketchy on that part for now but I’m sure those who brought them will have various creative ways to use them. Maybe used as a perimeter guard in front of your house?

These awesome photos are from their facebook page.

Tachikoma would be awesome if they made those little guys.


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