Halo: New Web Series “Forward Unto Dawn”

Great news halo-tards! Halo is getting a web series near the end of this year.

More and more big video game publishers are producing live-action series to help hype up their game before release. Like the all famous Assassin Creed – Lineage which is released before Assassin Creed II came out. Other previous titles like Halo, Mortal Kombat and so forth have also did the same. I mean it’s a good thing and I can only hope that all other publishers would do the same too with their games.

The series will be released in weeks leading up to Halo 4 release at November 6th. It’s a 5 episodes series that span across 15 minutes each. Watch out for Machinima and Halo waypoint as they will be the one’s releasing them.

Playing the games and reading the books or other “Halo” spinoffs is “a big commitment,” O’Connor said. “We needed a way to ensure there was a way for people to get onboard this universe without feeling intimidated.” As a result, the Web series is “an origins story that teaches you about a lot of different facets of the (‘Halo’) universe.”

Now that I think about. It’s really a big commitment indeed as I’ve read almost all the novels, games and related materials to get into the Halo universe compare to those who just wanted to kick some alien ass. However, there’s still one book I haven’t finish until now — Halo: Grasslands by Karen Traviss. Need more motivation to go through it due to bad reviews (╹◡╹)凸

On another related note. Halo actually have their very own anime version of the spartans. It’s called Halo legends, it’s a collection of seven short anime films set in the Halo universe. To me, the animation is pretty good and is handle by famous animation companies in Japan. Recommended watch!

Halo Legends Episode 1. Sorry, it cannot be embedded :(

Source: Variety

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