What If Assassin’s Creed for Kinect Is Real?

HawkandGamble released an April fool joke of using kinect on the 360s to play Assassin Creed while jumping around in their living room to execute moves like an assassin. It looks real at first but when it goes into more advance moves like performing the classical “leap of faith” while doing a flip in a living room is a dead give away already.

However, it would be awesome if this can be successfully be implemented in says.. Assassin Creed III? But it would never happen. So, don’t get your hopes high in any near future games on the market either. Only time will tell when technology matured.

On another side note, just imagine gamers of the game can have an option to workout and at the same time perform some crazy assassination moves if they so choose. Won’t that be awesome?

Nevertheless, the unfit and those who live in small living quarter will have some tough time enjoying it. OH! look at the time. I’m late for my parkour and gym lessons. Ja, mata!

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