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I decided to make a fanpage for the blog itself so those who had subscribed to the page can instantly get updates from this blog. Not only that but I also can easily share all other related medias onto the page. So, no more wondering whether I should post it to my facebook wall, twitter or google+ account.

Also separation of different contents from my personal life in my Facebook wall which most of my friend lives and a page who supports it will definitely do good to both parties. Well, not everyone of my friend will appreciate of what I post and if it’s too frequent of the contents they don’t subscribed then it would ultimately become spams to them.

Other than posts I made on this blog it would include a list of items such as AMV, figures, idols, anime and any other related news that stands under the wide umbrella of what we netizen like to call the Japanese Pop Culture.

This would also be a good chance to expand the blog social influence which I didn’t do much since the last 2 years of operating of this blog. Everything is mostly situated here while I can see how a fanpage can grow exponentially for some site. Later, perhaps I would create a Google fanpage too just for fun.

In the meantime, I need to do integration to the blog and more tweaking to go as you can see the page is still in its early stage.

The page launched yesterday night only and it would be awesome if I have your support! ( ಠ◡ಠ )

To the Page

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