Sankarea: Episode 1 – A Very Promising New Series


I picked up the mange near the end of 2010 and have been reading since but it’s kind of an on and off relationship because the release period for each chapter span across quite long. So, if you’ve been reading too you may already know that our main protagonist Furuya have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) against zombies, to the point that her future wife must be one of them. Along with a strings of events that transpire after the first meeting and he finally get what he wanted.

I am not a huge manga fan nor do I post this kind of post often. However, this is the first time I see how a manga comes to life as it became animated on the screen rather than a bunch of static pictures that I flip through. I must say, the quality looks superb and crisp from the beginning till the end. I mean, it’s normal for the first few episodes of a new series to have extra attention to details as a bait to lure in more viewers. I do hope the level of this kind of quality to be keep up in the following episodes.

Did I reveal too much? Oh! If you’re a fan of the series I got a list of its translated manga right here.

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