My Japanese Progress: Slowmo

I have slow down the progress as of late and other plans too for this month. The challenge I set myself to not to touch too much on any video games have come to haunt me. You would say that it’s a standard that I’ve set myself. However, it’s doing a good job at driving me insane.

Nearing the edge of no returns where only tumbleweeds would roll by in a large desolated land in my mind. So, I paused. Getting back to some games that I like. I guess recreation is a need and not a want in order to refresh myself and the psychological par of my mind. After an hour or more into a game, I found out that I’ve a better grip at thinking with a much rested mind in tow. I thought I can function like a robot but I still contain emotions and biological parts that needs constant maintenance.

This would be a start to have a much more balance life with maybe a hour or two of playing a game a day. It’s not advisable to to have an extended amount of time in games whether on/offline unless there are big releases because you would sunk into a state where you would lost yourself with false achievements. Escapism at its finest here. So, moderation would be best.

The game that I’m trying to finish now is Comand & Conquer: Tiberium War – Kane Wrath. Albeit it’s an old game but it’s an awesome Real Time Strategy game nonetheless.

On the progress

I have done 1 chapter and half successfully with minor errors while creating sentences that needs particles to function. Chapter 7 is done and half way into chapter 8. The funny thing is that learning Japanese grammar give me a better understanding in English grammars too. You know, I finally understand what’s a noun, a pronoun and an adjective are and I have been writing in English without them in mind since I was young.

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