My Japanese Progress: Good

Oops! Another late post to my progress on the subject. The progress speed is normal now because I can be very demanding even when it comes to myself. I realized that speed learning won’t be helpful in the long run but slow to average speed will give my subconscious a little bit more time to absorb those learnt materials.

I mentioned that I was halfway into Chapter 8 last week and this week I’ve finish until Chapter 9. Am ready to jump into doing revision again in those chapters to further strengthening its foundation.


Things that I learnt

  • Taking about experiences with ARU
  • Verbs in the plain past form
  • Describing people and things
  • Describing skills
  • Nominalizers NO and KOTO
  • Suffix TAI
  • Absolute time expression
  • More on particle YA, DE and NI
  • Question word ITSU
  • The Te-Form in verbs and adjectives
  • Direction
  • Using Sousuruto
  • Te-Form of IRU
  • Expressing an extreme habit with BAKARI

The above will be some of the things I have learnt in those chapters.


On a totally off topic note. Legend of Korra is super awesome! I feels like I have become a child again like when I first stumbled upon Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was the first show on Nick that have fascinated me for a long time in the world that people have the ability to bend elements. Anyway, episode 4 just aired a day ago. I would recommend a watch if you are not already a fan of the series.

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  • Unknown

    I dont have much faith in those text-book studying methods, but as long as you are satisfied that is good. When you are ready to move on, visit “All Japanese All The Time”

  • shockerz

    I’m curious. Are you studying the language too? I have heard of “All Japanese All The Time” but not yet really dig into his contents yet on the subject.

    Let me get through this to build a very basic understanding first.

  • Unknown

    もちろんです。AJATT is just one instance of a better attitude towards language learning, which to say in few words is “immersion and spaced repetitions (SRS)”. I’m doing it for more than a year and I’m very happy with my progress 

  • shockerz

    Sorry for the late reply. Sounds like a plan to me. I will be implementing it to my daily schedule then. Thanks!