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Episode 26 marks the ending to the popular anime TV series Mirai Nikki since late last week. However, what got fans scratching their heads are the announcement of a new project coming out. I’m guessing it’s either an OVA or a movie to wrap everything up. According to Crunchyroll, there would be a major announcement at the “Mirai Nikki The Live World” concert on July 29th. Is there even the possibility of having a season 2 to the already popular series?

The anime series might have ended and due to its popularity it helped spawned yet another product of the story. The LIVE ACTION drama will be entitled as Mirai Nikki – Another:World - and will begin airing today night at 11:10PM. The show will mark the returns of Fuji TV saturday night drama block.

Don’t aspect a direct copy from the anime as this will be a bit different which have been written by Yuusuke Watanabe, writer of the Gantz and 20th Century Boys movie script.

Masaki Okada will play a similar role as Yukiture but as a brand new diary user named Hoshino Arata. Then, as for Yuno she will be played by Ayame Goriki under the name of Yuno Furusaki. No known sub groups are picking this up yet.

Mirai Nikki – Another:World Official Site

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