Mirai Nikki – Gasai Yuno Cosplay by Kanda Midori


Feeling the Monday blues? Well, let me cheer you up with some yandere cosplay tailor made by Kanda Midori. This time around she’s portraying one of craziest character or some would call her the “Queen of Yandere” in Mirai Nikki. Lovable yet dangerous girlfriend of the ill fated Amano Yuki.

I should have notice this earlier in my RSS feed and pin an update here. Anyway, it’s up and I need to clear out some feeds in my reader which have been cluttering the place. Do you have any good advice to manage them? I would love to hear some.

o(≧o≦)o She’s one of my top fav coplayer.

Anime: Mirai Nikki (未来日記)

Character: Gasai Yuno

Role: The crazy yandere girlfriend

Cosplayer: Kanda Nidori

Source: Hiro

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