Mirai Nikki – Another : World Episode 1

After having a dip in the drama version of what was adapted from the Anime TV series, Mirai Nikki 未来日記. It feels weird with the change of scripts and characters but the whole concept is the same.  The minute changes I can detect is that if you have the Chronos Phone you will be automatically be entered into the game. On the flip side, Deus, the God in the Mirai Nikki world, have changed into a smiling star.

The yandere-ness (If that’s even a word) of the newly crafted Yuno portray by Gouriki Ayame is amiss. She is made sweet and lovable. You can’t see the killer instinct of Yuno overly protective behavior to Arata (Yuki) nor feels the creepy aura from her. Maybe it’s just the beginning of the show and the producer don’t want to scare audience away?

On another note, the new university student Hoshino Arata who is the newly repackaged Yuki is not such a big pussy anymore. You and I know that we want to b!tch slap him sometimes when he chicken out in the Anime. His personality is not really a loner type but a very happy-go-lucky-airhead type.

I’m not advocating that episode 1 is bad however it was certainly interesting and worth the time to watch it through. Perhaps the comings episode might spice things up a bit? I will certainly be on the look out.


Subbing is done by Kakijun and the subs is up here. As for the raws you can always fish around Google.

On something that is totally different.

I was thinking of creating an android app of Mirai Nikki which uses you social media accounts (facebook, twitter, google+ and google calender) to get information about your daily life and routines. Then, process those data into something predictable that will pop itself up on your “Future Diary”.

If your finals around the corner, assignment deadline or parents is coming for a visit a DEAD END flag with a red background will pop up in the app itself as a warning. It would be a fun app, nothing serious but the goal of the app will become more than a mere reminder tool.

I’m not capable to create any Android app yet however if you are able. Why don’t give this a try?

Shockerz Lee

An aspiring web developer, Japanese culture enthusiast, gamer, ardent cosplay appreciator and the writer of this blog. Hello world (^ o ^) /

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  • Adam Autio

    I found this by searching if someone else has made a Mirai Nikki android app, I wanted to know if there was one before I made it.

    If google is correct there is none, and I just wanted to let you know that I am going to start developing it.

    If you are good at photoshop and the like you could help me with it, I need hi-rez screenshot of the interface and I also need a hi-rez logo.  (you can contact me by gmail. adam.autio@gm…)

    My app won’t try to predict upcoming events, as that is really hard to code, I would need to code a whole artifical intelligence for that. Instead the app will look at calendar events and it will ask once a week (or so) about upcoming events.

    The user will be able to tag the events with Dead End if they want.

    And of-course you will be able to use it as a normal diary, showing all info as in the show sorted after date. (Future entries from Calendar will show 2 days ahead).

  • http://theotakukid.com/ shockerz

    Sound like a great proposal to me. Sure, I will help you :D

  • Deus Ex Machina

    hello my name is Deus, as you can guess by the screen name im a huge fan of mirai nikki. im wondering if you both have made any progress on the app….if needed id be happy to beta test it if its alright, to give you feed back and etc.

  • http://theotakukid.com/ shockerz

    The sad thing is the project have put onto a hold for now and may stop completely. The project future seem uncertain but if you want to help out developing for fun I won’t mind. Interested in the offer?

  • Adam Autio

    Like shockerz said, the project as been put on hold.
    I couldn’t make the app behave as I wanted, I might start from scratch some day.

    I’m not really sure how I should do it tho, since the beginning of the app was just a normal diary, not much to have.
    Might incorporate facebook in it and let it show your facebook status updates instead, when I have time over I will look into it.