Gundam Statue Back in 2012 at Odaiba

It’s still amazing to see that such a statue paying homage to the original series Gundam can be easily erected in Japan while it’s near impossible to see such amazement to be spotted anyway in Malaysia. The video was taken by a self pro-claimed Gundam Videographer named darwinfish105. Nonetheless, awesome timelapse work he uploaded!

Rising Again

The 18 meter tall Gundam is standing in front of the newly opened plaza called DiverCity Tokyo not long ago. Well, it was 19th this month only. Those who wish to visit soon you can get the direction here from the their website. Not only you can view the statue but you can too visit the cafe “Gundam Cafe” that is specially tailored to fans of the series.

Time lapse day and night

Source: Cruchyroll

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