Fuji Matsuri


Those who are interested into Japanese culture would know about the famous Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) but how often have you heard of Fuji Matsuri (Wisteria Festival)? It’s a flowering plant that likes to climbs around its environment and with some creativity you can create something very beautiful.

So, people start to use light wooden framework which are called trellis to give a support structure for the wisteria to climb. Thus, in the process making a wonderful walkway for all to enjoy with those dangling flower above their heads. I suspect the fragrance oozing out from those flowers would overload your senses too. Now, who says 9gag is a place to waste time only?

Wisteria usually flowers near the end of April in Japan depending on the season and only last until early May. So, after Sakura blossoms draws to an end another arises. If you plan on going near the end of April. I would advise you to plan well as Golden Week is also around the corner starting from April 29 to May 5.

One of the most famous to see these blooming flowers I can dig up is at Kameido Tenjin Shrine, Koto-ku. It’s not far if you live around Tokyo as I have checked on the map. Here’s a list of favorite location.

Photo above are taken from Kawachi Fuji Garden [Address]

Credit: Photos from stomaster


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