CosplayGen #5 is Taking Preorder!

Good news! Just a week ago CosplayGen team have released an entry to says that they are opened for pre-ordering to its fan base. So, owners of its previous magazines remember to mark it on your to do list. If you do so quickly they would include Mikubook stickers too.

Those who are still a bit blur about what the heck this book is. Below is a small snippet from their site.

CosplayGen is a collectible magazine, published twice a year. It is entirely non-profit, self-financed and contains no advertising, therefore its purchasing contributes directly to the next issue. As a result, the magazine have no ads but brim full of meaty cosplay contents.

As you can see this time the cover girl for the front magazine is the talented cosplayer Miyo from Korea. Anyone have any idea what cosplay is that?

So, after you have pre-ordered the magazine. You would need to wait until the 28th of May for its official release. In the meantime, those who have missed their older releases or just wanted to have a taste what the magazine actually contain. You can freely view second magazine below.

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