5 Signs to Know That you are Procrastinating. You Mad?

If you had been institutionalized which most of us have when we were young. You know, institution such as schools and organization where we work. What they have ingrained into all of us is one of the most definite concept of what most are dreaded to heard — Deadlines. Some may call them cutoff date, due date, time limit and so forth but it is essentially a date that we must submit whatever shit we have to either our boss or to achieve a personal goal in mind.

Those who have a different professions or positions will have a myriad of other ways to procrastinate. However, what listed below are only applicable to a generation who own a large array of electronic devices be it a home desktop or a tablet you can immediately identify whether you’re procrastinating or doing productive work.


The Signs

1] When you start to arrange your files on your computer and still have a cluttered system.

2] When you spend most of your time on social networks (This would include the bulk of them facebook, twitter, G+, youtube, etc). Desperately checking them for updates!

3] When you can mindlessly spend hours surfing through websites. Jumping here and there with no aim in mind.

4] When you try hard to avoid the work by finding any kind of feasible excuse possible.

5] When you start house/room cleaning.



6] When you want to catch some shut eyes for maybe an hour to have a fresh mind before you start work instead you overslept for 3 hours.

7] You kept looking at your RSS feed for any new anime to watch in hope that you can buy you another half an hour from working.


The symptoms

[Read Carefully!]

As your procrastination starts you soon realized that your facial expression changes from time to time as you progress on doing things you shouldn’t. Which I will get to in a moment as you start to scroll downward. However, let me direct your attention to another matter first. Remember. Prolong exposure to “procrastination” can lead to depression and eventually death.


At the very first stage. Your very own infamous “yao ming” face would appear.

Then, as time draw nears to the end to your deadline. “Okay” face

Ultimately, you would realized that you are almost out of time since you have been putting important things off all these time and you know you are F*cked. If you don’t change your habits and lifestyle.

And who knows Murphy’s Law maybe applicable in your situation when worst come to worst.

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