Tutorial: Batch Downloading Images From Chan Site

This is an update from the older post “How to Batch Download From Chan Site” where I will use a newer method to quickly download images that you wanted from chan sites easily. So, batch download have become quite easy and quite painless as time progresses with newer extension aiding the processes.

For this tutorial, you must use Firefox web browser and download an extension call “Save Image” developed by Lumox from the firefox extension depository. So far, I haven’t found any plugin that do the same thing in Chrome yet unless some of you might want to share with me on other methods you use to batch images XD

Step 1


I will use idol.sankakucomplex.com from the popular site SankakuComplex.com (SanCom) as an example here. Just type in any search term you find fancy.


Step 2


Right click anywhere in the screen and go into “Save Images” to select “Open ALL links in 1 tab” so image can be stacked up later.


Step 3


Now a window will come up like this in the picture just go below and click the “Lasagna”-like button to filter out the unnecessary links.


Step 4


Ok, now you need to type in the path that matches the image url that you click. So, usually chan sites have “post/show” pretty much ingrained and build into the system but there are bound to be variation on different sites. So, do experiment! Just to be safe and easy for this tutorial lets just say this only works in SanCom.


Step 5


As you can see only the links we want are selected after the filtering. Be prepared now. Once you have clicked “Ok” a new tab will emerge and image after image will be opened in frames within that tab. It will “LAG” depend how good your computer can handle it and how many images did you actually requested. You might need to wait for awhile for all the image to finished loading. Don’t worry, it’s pretty fast.


Step 6


After every bit had been loaded on that tab. It’s now for you to save them into your hard drive! Just click “Save images from current tab” and it will do the rest.


Step 7


Then, this window will be prompted and what you need to do now is to fill in those 2 fields with the values you desire.

>> The first arrow indicate on which folder you want to save in. Eg: I saved it on desktop under the folder call “Koyomi”.

>> The second arrow indicate on what name do you want for the files to be rename to. Eg: I wanted it to be renamed as “Taiga Cosplay by Koyomi” and numerical number will follow afterward.

Note: Just play with the settings a bit to achieve the desire outcome. What I’m showing is the absolute default only :)


Step 8


If everything went smoothly a small tooltip pop up at the top right corner of your screen indicating how many passed and failed. Voila! These images from image galleries have been successfully downloaded into your machine for your collection or your viewing pleasure. Insert Mr Bean meme *If you know what I mean*

I hope this have answered much questions and maybe added another alternative for you to download images from chan sites. Thanks for reading :D

Shockerz Lee

An aspiring web developer, Japanese culture enthusiast, gamer, ardent cosplay appreciator and the writer of this blog. Hello world (^ o ^) /

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  • http://www.facebook.com/SyamAraragi Syam Araragi

    i tried, it does work, but it saves all other images in the page, including the advertisements. How to make it saves only the image i want?

  • http://theotakukid.com/ shockerz

    That’s funny. I usually have no problem with downloading it along. Well, it’s have been some time. Try playing with the options :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/SyamAraragi Syam Araragi

    I mean, it does work, just that, i want to save the only specific image lol.
    btw, lately, sankaku kinda limits the viewing limit i guess, i mean, if i wanna open all 92 links in the same tab, most of em will show ” Error 429 Too Many Requests” …
    is there any way to make the tabs load one by one, instead of all of em at the same time?

  • http://theotakukid.com/ shockerz

    I have no idea how. Sorry.

  • Arty

    You excuse what is your image viewer? please ^_^

  • http://theotakukid.com/ shockerz

    Picasa from Google. You can download it here http://picasa.google.com/