Mass Effect 3: What if Indoctrination Theory Were True All Along?

This video really got me thinking again about the ending of Mass Effect 3. In a million years, I would’ve never thought that they would use psychological tactics and ways to test the user ability to choose on saving the galaxy.


Me, on the other hand who are only taking the ending at face value but I didn’t know it can run so deep. Seriously! My mind just got blown wide open by this theory. If it was proves to be correct then a lots of rage gamers will looks like an ass and Bioware may have the best writers yet in the history of video games.

I always thought that he was having a bad shock because witnessing the process of the child being killed in a last ditch for survival had make him feels guilty about not being about to lend a helping hand. So, it ingrained into his mind but from this video we can see that he was being indoctrinated which Harbinger is using guilt to control Shepard. :not bad:

I really hope this is true after the big ruckus. Let’s see what Bioware PR will release in the coming months since they are tight lipped about the whole uproar these days.

The uploader summed up points nicely.

Shepard was the key to defeat the Reapers. “No organic ever made it that far” but Shepard resisted indoctrination and the temptation of seemingly infinitife power, he ultimately rejected it. The Crucible could only be build in a joint effort by many civilizations (without being sabotaged) and Harbinger was the Catalyst, the examiner. Shepard was the representative of the people of the galaxy. And he passed the trial, he proofed the worth of him and the other people.

Shepard united a galaxy. He proofed that in a time when the galaxy is threatened by a greater menace (synthetic enemy) all the different races would rally and fight for their future together, without being divided and seduced by indoctrination and hunger for power.

The guardians of organic life, the Reapers, had fullfilled their mission. Because of them a galactic civilization has evolved that could defend itself against a greater synthetic threat.

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