KARA – “I’m Sacred”

In recent times, Quantic Dream creator of Heavy Rain had released a short animation depicting an android which is being assembled in a factory. They’re virtual companions that will be sold as a product but this particular gynoid differ as she show signs that indicated her thinking capability and quickly becoming the ghost in the machine. Awareness seems to sipped in of this synthetic life form that bears that name of “Kara”. Yes, and it reminded me of my all time favorite anime — Ghost in the shell.

If you were Tali’zorah the fictional character who is part of the advance species that created synthetic life (Geth) whom have rebelled them for three hundred years in the Mass Effect universe. A question “Does this unit have a soul?” would arise from a Quarian.

So, it have been confirmed that KARA will not have any games nor being adapted into another other form of medias in this time. The video is just showing the capability of their latest motion capturing technology they had developed. I would say it’s pretty awesome piece of tech since it can run in REAL-TIME on a game Engine.

What catches my attention while watching the 7 minutes long video was the word “I’m scared”. I’m a bit excited but scared at the same time realizing that one day we might just find out if machine does have the capability to think and reason and not with some preprogrammed  intelligent. Something like a refined EDI would be awesome!

Behind the scenes of KARA

The original video

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