Guilty Crown So Far

In the very beginning, our main protagonist Ouma Shu. A lost soul that see no future in his life and was a big nothing. In the early episodes he always try to keep his presence small around his social circle and exclude himself from a conversation. However, as events turns and situation changes he quickly find himself lost in a world of chaos.



I wanted write a small history recap on our main character and see how he have came about until this point of life which is episode 19.

From the early episodes it shows that Shu is a timid young boy who kept his social presence small and likes to hideout in a nearby abandon building (I’m guessing an abandon radio/satellite station?) when he’s free or wanted the luxury to escape.

As events unfolds he met Inori who was being pursued at that time but left the one of the three stolen ample from the government top secret lab. And so as the story goes he became a void user.

After that he joined the Funeral Parlor as Gai persuaded him to join his cause. Shu reluctantly accept and became a member soon afterward. Oftentimes we caught Shu admiring at Gai for his courage and leadership and I can even quote from Shu that “because he is the only one who can give him a sense of purpose that no others are able to provide”. Somewhere at this point he admitted he is constantly in distress and secretly wanted to abandoning everything and treat  everything that had happen as a nightmare as a way to wipe off the often harsh reality he faces.

As the story start rolling again, we soon find out that he become the head counsel of the student body. This was because he help diffused a situation whereby other students are having an uprising due to fear of being killed and in hope to find out who’s the funeral parlor members are hiding in the school. Even then he is still in a state of confusion.

Only after the death of his friend, having a void power to heal any objects — Menjou Hare. He have finally woken by his state of denial and quickly become a determined leader that rule with an iron fist. One of his ultimate aim was to keep everyone safe but lack the ability to actually care about others who is not in his circles with a discriminating ranking system (Void Ranking System). Albeit a very emotional dictator.

The day comes when Shu lost his void power and a right arm to Gai. A brand new Gai that came out of his restorative state to take back his void power from Shu which technically this clumsy hero have stolen in episode 1. It’s a shocking moment and revelation to Gai’s followers and our main character as well.

After some deep self reflection he decided to change his course of action and literally “be a man” and wanted to do the right thing after Inori tries to lure Gai out of where they hide but sadly have gotten herself captured.

In the latest episode, Shu come back with a changed mind and succeeded in his quest to find clarity in this majestic weaves of chaos to become the humble king – the one that assumes it all. As what have Gai said “His Void gathers everything and assumes its weight — strengths, weakness, light, darkness… Everything”. It’s was truly an emotional and sad moment for me but nonetheless it was an awesome turn pointing in the story so far.

From this point on, I really don’t mind if Shu really died from saving Inori and successfully stopping Gai or live to tell the tales of his journey. I’m cool with both ending to be honest. Let’s see what the creator have install for us in the coming episodes.

End card :D

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