Avatar: Legend of Korra Leaked

Hey Readers! Any Avatar fans here? This maybe old news to you but it’s news to me. So, the latest installment from the creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender have gave birth to another series with the same elements and quirkiness as to the original. Yes, they will be telling a tale of the new Avatar from the southern water tribe. She’s Korra, a feisty 17 years old girl who have so far master water, fire and earth but not air because it was incompatible to her overall personality compare to the previous Avatar Aang who was calm.

I’m already a fan of this character. She reminds me a lots of Sokka which sadly didn’t make it into old age with Katara together nor Aang for that matter. The story will start off in Republic City that looks like it have finished industrialization and became more technological and less mystical compare to the old world. Have anyone notice that Republic City resemble New York city and the great statue of Aang replaced Lady Liberty? Just look at its opening [Can't embed :(].


The official launch date of the show is supposed to be set at April 14, 2012 but what was meant for an hour special on that day have been leaked on the net so you can watch episode 1 and 2 together now. If you are trying to watch the leaked videos I would recommend you to find them in torrent sites for a faster access. Episode 1 is out a week ago and Episode 2 is out just today only. Grab them while you can! :D


I have been a big fan from the very start and I can see potential in this spin-off too. To be frank, it’s also the reason why I started to make websites and creating AMVs back when I was a wee lad. I still do create website but not much on creating AMV anymore since things changes when you grow older. Nevertheless, I’m so excited with this new series but it can only last for 26 episodes only with option of make it longer if Nickelodeon requested for more. 2 down 24 to go! XD

Those who wanted to find out more check the wikia for more information.

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