Shift in Perception of Speed

If you has been an avid reader of this blog or a googler who may have come upon a rant I posted years ago complaining about the new Internet service. Remember now? Yea, that post : Malaysia Unifi is a big joke. At one time it was the top most read entry in this blog. Well, people were curious about the new services being offered and most are old tmnet users that including me who are much skeptical about the quality and service.

The Internet was expensive and guess what it is still costly in today world. I thought the mushrooming mobile Internet sector would help to bring the price down to a more cheaper level but it didn’t. Mobile Internet is a luxury to me if you ever catch me applying for one. Well, I’m still am a college student unless you’re a businessman or a social media addict? Nevertheless, I can see improvement in their delivery in which disconnection had become a rare scene.

Just a month ago, UNIFI the high speed broadband connection we all love and hate due to reasons we all know (unpopular caps soon to be implemented) have finally come to my neighborhood and I can see lines dangling around the poles behind my house. Happy as I am but disappointed that I will need to wait for my dad to upgrade because he is reluctant to completely change our old phone number to a new one which is included in the package or so I have heard.

After being a 1mbps user for a very very long time I have come to learned patience or am I tamed after years of slow access? However, I do feel jealous when I read about how other countries are having better deals then us in speed and pricing level. No, 4mbps package have all been occupied long ago.

So, downloading big files over the Internet have become a non-issue for me over these years (yea, you read that right). To exemplify it, lets put it in an RPG context, I have, what players would say that I have mastered the skill of patiently waiting a file to finish from downloading. I’m pretty satisfy now and would gladly open my arms to welcome a much faster connection to be installed in this household of mine.

Shockerz Lee

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  • Anonymous

    Usage of UniFi is really is something, as the speed is a very far cry from current broadband packages. However, the cost does not justify the cons offered by UniFi. Changes in phone number, capping implementing soon and many more other factors would make all consumers, if not some to wonder. Sure, the speed is really the advantages, but still, there is much to be improved.

  • shockerz

    I agree what you have said. Room for improvement is certainly there.