Cosplay Gen #4 Open for Pre-Order

Good news! The magazine that I subscribed to “Cosplay Gen” have opened its pre-ordering session for the fourth issue. Honestly, I didn’t notice it until I got a newsletter from them today because according to one of their blog post the pre-order date seems to be a month ago. Or they have just updated that particular blog post? Maybe some good soul here can shed some light on it?


So, I’m not quite sure whether I would be still be eligible for that A1 poster for pre-ordering it now. Let’s see what do I get when the magazine finally arrived to my doorstep :D


The contents they have in this issue seems tempting especially when they try to give us a backdrop to this mysterious cosplayer who call himself “KANAME“. I heard about him and saw him before in AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2010 in Singapore but I hardly know him. Any fans of his present here?

On my last note. If you live in London drop by the MCM Expo’s EuroCosplay this 28th and get the issue there.

Pre-order it now!

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