Those Square Codes

I’m talking about QR codes or in a more complete sentence they are called Quick Response code. Which is quite popular in Japan when it was created backed in 1994 by Denso Wave. I don’t want to be a historian teacher here as you can check out the whole history behind in Wikipedia.

I wanted to give my reader and site surfers an idea of what the heck is this block of code means. You can see it a lots more in Japanese sites for obtaining their site URL or in magazines to unlocking secret *clear throat* naughty *clear throat* contents. However, western blogs are starting to catch on with this technology starting with hip bloggers using them on their sites. I’m one myself too.

As you can see I’m offering a piece of block of mine as well right below my blog to give any surfer and smartphone users the ability to quickly snap my URL down as a mean of alternative. Ya, it’s quite handy and you don’t need to frantically punch in each letter of an URL. Sadly, this piece of technology haven’t pick up yet in Malaysian but Singaporean is slowly catching up as we speak.

How to Use?


If you have an Android phone I would recommend QR droid. Sorry Apple users I don’t use their products unless your would so kindly to throw me an iPad 2 and let me test it out until I would buy one. So, after downloading that app just open it up and snap it with your camera. After that you can either open up the link or share it.


I would recommend QuickMark as the solution to quickly encode and decode a site while you’re on your computer.

More into QR code

Mashable is featuring this piece of infogrpahic to give a little insight into the world of QR code.

Infograph Via: Mashable

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