These days it seems like my main source of anime dose comes from only which serve the purpose quite well. It was this daily habit of checking in on the site that I discovered REDLINE. The cover image looks funky and the synopsis seems good. So, I take the plunge and never look back.


Red Line is about the biggest racing game of the universe and it’s only held once every 5 years. And naturally everyone wants to take part. Follow the racings skills of men and women alike.

 From ANN


One thing that comes to mind is the lack of marketing and advertising for this movie. I don’t see much promotion being done even back in 2009 and it is the same now. The producer maybe in short supply of funds after finalizing this one of a kind Japanese animation movie. After learning that they actually committed themselves for seven years just for one production had me dumbfounded.

I mean that’s a lots of time and maybe it’s just the right amount of time to make the movie more complete and enjoyable. You would be crazy not to use digital tools to aids in animation but the guys behind REDLINE claims that it’s all hand drawn from top to bottom. Maybe this is another contributing factor to the time needed?

To my surprise the movie had been aired in 2009 at Switzerland in the Locarno International Film Festival. Then, several screening went along in most of the western countries. It’s sad that none have come to Malaysia to do a screening nor I have any knowledge of this movie in that time too *snift*

A tip that you all should follow is to let your mind go free once you enter this chaotic yet believable world that Takeshi Koike have created. For instance, in some of the scenes (especially racing scene) whereby adrenalines are ample in supply — myself included are completely sucked in. May I say that it’s that good and believe that you watched for 5 minutes only even after “The End” is shown on the screen.

Some may view the drawing style as old but I can assure you its gold. How so? It fits snugly with this futuristic world which looks a lot like the 70’s and 80’s but funkier. Some of the drawings remind me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann when main characters are using the all-powerful Spiral Energy. You know those think lines slashing like the character and the environment have been warped.

The storyline is above average and the good thing was I have learned a new concept while they are shedding some lights on our Heroes backdrop. Heard of Game Fixing? Me neither as I don’t gamble nor I like watching sports. I don’t get the excitement of watching 24 sweaty guys trying to kick a ball but I have friends crazy about them.

Damn! I got derailed again. In short “Game Fixing” is a way to win big upon an advance agreement with the other parties.

Sonoshee looks very cute and hot! A confident chick who will just leave her bra off with just panty on while chilling. Geek chicks always attracts me toward them xD

I think these are all there are to talk about for now with any furthermore writing I’ll be leaking out spoilers to those who might want to watch it. Frankly, I watched it twice already and still got the feeling to re-watch it somehow.


My final verdict?

It’s a hand down 10/10 with a cherry on top. Don’t miss it! Am trying hard to spread the word around the interwebs.

If you want a test run and see if it grabs you in then by all means download the thing and give it a shot. The DVD and Bluray are currently out as of this 10th of August.



I presume you want to find out more about the song used? I have written a post on it too.

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