Cosplay Gen #3 is Out!

This might be a little late but here it goes. Cosplay Gen issue #3 is coming out at the end of this May. Honestly, I didn’t notice the update on their latest issue until they sent me a newsletter for it just now. However, upon a closer inspection they have already spread the news on the 23th of April last month.

They are also running on a limited print for 500 bonus posters to those early bird but I doubt I would be one of them who can be lucky enough to get them. According to the newsletter it is stated that it would be a double-sided A2 poster for the limited edition set which I think only those early birds will receive.

Guess who’s the cover girl? It’s the doll-like goddess Tasha, the Korean cosplayer will be featured in the front magazine this time. It is that time again that I should stock up my debit card to order the magazine soon. I have written up a piece of review on their second issue and am a bit tired while writing this post. I guess toothpick trick didn’t work on keeping my eyes open.

Order it now!

Shockerz Lee

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