Lara Croft Cosplay by Lena-Lara


The first time ever I came across her works was in a tumblr post. Delicious! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her black leather jacket and those tight pants as she gently lean against the wall besides her. The sexy jacket corset (Is that what they call it?) underneath her seem to resemble another bad ass cyber chick we all love: Motoko Kusanagi. Sorry, I got carry away just now who also kick serious asses.

The reason why she is so good with the details in her costume is because it was hobby meets passion as she had detailed about it in her own personal site. To those who are interested in the finer details, she’s still in her blossom year of 22 years old and is a German descent. There are still lots of questions regarding about the cosplay community that people don’t understand or just plain dumb about it. However, this would diminish in numbers as cosplay slowly becoming a wide spread culture (thanks to the internet) rather than just a mere sub-culture that are popular in Japan and some part of the world only.

But I think it’s time to show those people, that we aren’t a bunch of childish lunatics from another world without a real life.

As you can read, she stands her ground on defending her passion while other attacks her. Props to her as she tries to sheath lights on the activity that she enjoys so much and give us something to drool about. I mean, great cosplay!

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