3D Room Test (Dead Space Style)

This is the fruit I bear after playing around with Adobe After Effect for more than 10 hours. Now I can start to see why people like this piece of software so much.

The tutorial actually teaches the user to do with words only but with my curiosity intact I keep getting the felling that I should add Isaac Clarke, the main protagonist from one of the popular horror survial action game Dead Space into the scene. I think the atmosphere just suit the style of the game.

There is an option that I left out while rendering this video. Which is the Depth of Field, used wrongly can actually destroy the focus of everything. With it being turned on the surrounding will begin to blur out thus creating that spooky effect added with the dim lights flicking in the area. I, however, turn it off because the other words and Isaac himself can’t get their focus from the camera. His name is apparently focused thanks to a simple equation from the video. Thus, resulting in turning off the Depth of Field entirely.

The song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the theme song of the first game of Dead Space with an uncanny voice . An innocent song as it once was can be twisted into an eerie piece of nerve wreaking tone. Now, that’s Art!

What do you guys think? Not bad for my first try?

Shockerz Lee

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