Nong Poy – Most Beautiful Thai


Are you up for some drooling fest? If you are, then you are in for a surprise for how perfect Nong Poy’s is compare from your usual girl on the street.

She is apparently one of the most beautiful babe from Thailand. At the age of 19,  she have won Miss Tiffany’s 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004. After that her career begins as a modal and an actress while being adore by millions. Recently, she have been studying law at Asumption University.

So,  can we safely assume that law degree she got?



The Original

That's a big change isn't it?

This “she” is actually a “he” but went on a sex change when he was 17 years old. As you can see the result was staggering and mind-blowing at the same for how a male is able to transform into such a perfect form of the opposite sex is unfathomable to me.

In other words, It’s a Trap!! :D Hell, a good looking one.

One of the most important question of all... Is it fappable?

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Shockerz Lee

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  • Anime

    No way… are you kidding me?! That hot chic is actually some asian dude? holy crap! damn, what is it with society today and providing such good looking traps lol.

  • Shockerz

    Seriously, I’m not kidding. There are getting good at their craft. I might mistakenly fall into one. lol

  • asd123

    oh man…i just loved her!!

  • Darius

    It’s a Fap!

  • Loreto Zambrano

    u suck!!!

  • Calvin

    Screw what pathetic homophobic nincompoops got to say, Nong Poy is a chic, for sure she is, and a really HOT one!!!

  • Snakechimera

    am I disturbed? SOmehwat. DO I have a boner? Yes

  • Anon

    Goddamn it, its not a “trap” when its gone through sex reassignment, she has a vagina, traps have penises, faggots.

  • shockerz

    Chill. Don’t be butthurt about it. I use the term quite loosely.

  • NOYB

    no, he has a mutilated penis to be correct, females are born with a uterus and ovaries, this one was born with testicles, so mo matter how you try to convince yourself, it is still a man who had his testicles removed, his penis scraped out to be formed into fake vaginal lips, and a hole punched in his crotch, lol. 

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  • syah95

    i love nong poy so cute…

  • Jako


  • GQ23

    Me I don’t care she is damn cute I wish it was really a real vagina I will eat it everyday.


    holyshit! she is a boy but she;s very pretty and I don’t believe it that before a boy,I’ve feel in love with her……

  • Hellono

    no. you’re still fucking a dude.

  • Cel

    She’s so cute~

  • Tarukomadara

    omg i love him…hahahahah

  • Monkeyzes

    I have a boner watching at her. Well totally fappable.

  • Nigger

     it’s a dude. sex changed into a female. boy lovers. even google it up it’s true.

  • shockerz

    No shit sherlock.

  • Chalue12

    that moment when you’re a woman jealous of a man… damn she’s beautiful! … and sexy! haha

  • putapepe

    gahasain ko yan e