Running On XP3 32bits & Windows 7 64bits

I always had a problem with my storage this is due to excessive downloading of high quality materials over the net. To be least, I abhor low quality materials. With an external hard drive up to 500GB and internal drive that I have almost fill up which is also another 500GB I needed another 1TB of space.

So, in the end I bought it in Lowyat yesterday the price tag of RM 300 and an interface cable to connect with the motherboard. For a long time I have been keen on Windows 7 for awhile now but do not have the space to do so. Windows 7 64bits is sweet!~ The main advantages to use a 64bits system is for me to transfer large files that are over 4 gigabytes and its good at crunching number when using intensive software.

Just to be on the safe side of things I disconnected my old hard drive which contain windows XP 3 then forwarded to install for Windows 7 on my new 1 TB hard drive. It was hectic connecting and disconnecting cables but it was worth it and an insurance policy for my old hard drive. As usual I allocate 50GB for windows to run on just to avoid problems.

For dual booting I use EasyBCD 2 from NeoSmart Technologies which still in beta to help me configure the boot files of my XP 3 and windows 7. I did try to use their stable version which is EasyBCD 1.7.2 but to no avail. I found a solution on its forum and EasyBCD 2 beta was the option.

For those who want to know more about dual booting of XP and windows 7 click here or other system booting click here.

What I bought was WD Caviar Green SATA-II Hard Drive equip with 1 TB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 7200rpm and 64 MB Cache.

And this is my current desktop for Window 7. As for my XP it will only be use as a gaming system while windows 7 will become my main for everything.

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